262 Smoke The Revolution

January 5, 2011

262 CigarsChesapeake Cigar is proud to be bringing another new line of cigars to Maryland! 262 Cigars are an up-and-coming boutique line based of of Lynchburg, VA. The cigars themselves are made for 262 by Alec Bradley in Honduras and are garnering quite a bit of attention in the cigar world with fantastic reviews. We had the opportunity to smoke 262s at the 2010 IPCPR Show in New Orleans and have been planning a winter roll-out from the first puff!

262 Cigars Manifesto:

Ever since the first cigars were crafted, they have been a creation aimed at, among other things, easing the troubled minds of hard workers and weary travelers. Cigars celebrate the great and memorable moments in our time; they create bonds between men and women of every creed and stature that often last a lifetime.

In recent years, a faction has risen against the principles and lifestyles of our beloved pastime. Although shallow and often deceitful in reason and claim, this bastion has gained significant notoriety and influence within the corridors of power. For this reason, we are compelled to address these issues and those behind them with like force and in a manner most true.  We must be steadfast in order to keep the freedoms and rights that we still possess and, God willing, to win back those that we have lost with respect to the consideration of our neighbor.

Let us be clear. We love our country. The United States of America is our beloved home. We believe it is the greatest nation on the planet. We, in no way intend to defame our country, nor do we seek to incite riot or treason. Our only goal is to illuminate the irrational and unconstitutional laws being passed into legislation by those that claim to uphold the principles found in this nation’s founding document and restore the freedoms so hastily and wrongfully removed.

We hold to the ideals that as adults, and with an understanding of the risks involved with tobacco products, we have the right to choose to smoke cigars. Further, that as a legal product, cigars should not be targeted for excessive taxation by the government; that a legal product enjoyed by consenting adults should not ever be banned from use at home, outdoors, or at privately-owned establishments that choose to allow cigars to be smoked on their premises. We maintain that privately-owned establishments have the right to choose for themselves whether or not to allow cigars to be smoked on their premises. We hold to the truth that if any form of government moves to infringe on and/or abolish the rights of cigar smokers, or to severely restrict, with extreme prejudice, the manner or form in which we enjoy cigars and the locations in which we may enjoy them; then it is the right, and more importantly the responsibility of the people, namely cigar enthusiasts, to peaceably and lawfully stand up against these restrictions in order to set right the balance between cigar smokers and the non-smoking public. This balance includes the mutual respect displayed and acted out toward each other with regard for the choices, health and recreation of all.

We have all witnessed the abuse of power by those that should defend us; be it at the local, state or federal levels.  They seek to place undue blame and unconstitutional restrictions on the loyal population of cigar enthusiasts.

The government has imposed unfair and increasingly higher taxes on cigars and restrictive smoking bans in order to raise money for their own programs. They advance this agenda while tightening the noose on small business owners and middle class workers alike. These taxes and smoking bans are just a few examples of the many devices being imposed that are destroying jobs, lowering incomes, and ultimately crippling our economy.

Furthermore, there are many tainted and manipulated scientific test results and research findings regarding the harmful effects of cigar tobacco.  These questionable results are then used to confuse the public, and to allow the aforementioned taxes and laws to go into effect. These legislations and taxes imposed on cigar smokers are based on falsified reports, not truth.

Although numerous attempts have been made to reach an adequate and satisfactory compromise with lawmakers, our politeness and light-footed steps have been futile.  We are now well past the time for a stronger stance in the matter. Our voices must be heard. Our goals must be accomplished, not solely for the sake of our immediate cause, but for the many other liberties which are, even now, hanging in the balance. Our guards, it seems, have taken it upon themselves to oversee not only our political affairs and national safety, but also the most basic activities of our daily lives. We must be vigilant, for even our coveted constitution is being examined for the purposes of repudiation.

This is a statement of intent, a call to action. Those who currently sit in executive, political office seem to believe that they can regulate our every decision. But, amidst their draconian rules and shallow intentions; underneath the turmoil and anger of the once revered connoisseurs of our beloved leaf; there brews a Revolution! An uprising of global proportions is stirring and its proponents will be silent no more.

Join ranks with the brothers and sisters of the underground, lovers of fine, hand-rolled cigars. Unite and overcome.

Smoke the Revolution.

The line consists of two blends — Paradigm and Ideology:

262 Paradigm262 Paradigm:

Wrapper: Brazilian
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Nicaraguan / Columbian
Body: Medium to Full

262 Ideology262 Ideology:

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Rosado
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan / Mexican / Dominican
Body: Mild to Medium

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  1. […] 262 stands for February 1962, the month and year President Kennedy signed the Cuban Embargo and banned the purchase of Cuban cigars by US citizens. Read more about 262 Cigars HERE […]

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